SILQ is a hybrid solution giving you the flexibility of the cloud with the power of a desktop software.

We’ve created practice management software that is perfect for your practice and our solicitors love using SILQ. Why you might ask? Simple.

SILQ is a hybrid solution giving you the flexibility of the cloud with the power of a desktop software.

When you are a solo practitioner or running a small law firm, you are living a constant balancing act. You must be a lawyer & a manager at the same time. Finding the right practice management software that helps you to get organized with contacts, calendars, cases, documents, time tracking, and billing is the only way to fly solo.

Designed with small and solo law firms in mind, SILQ offers everything you need to achieve the ultimate balancing act and gives you the same advantages the larger (bigger budget) firms have.

We want to share with you some of the benefits our current customers have told us save them time every day and help them to achieve more billable hours.

No Lock-in Contracts

Our subscription based service includes free phone, email and online support. We offer no lock-in contracts, no credit cards required for our free trial and the flexibility to cancel at any time with no hassles.

Trust Certified

SILQ is certified under the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules (2015) by The NSW Law Society giving you an easy to use platform that makes your audits quick & simple.

Integrating Searching

We have integrated SILQ software with infotrack to allow you to auto-populate and order all of your searches directly from within the matter. SILQ even captures all of your cost recoveries, ready to be invoiced.

Hybrid Solution

With SILQ, you can work online in the cloud or offline directly to your PC or laptop. This means even if there is no internet connection, there is no downtime.

Simplified Timekeeping, Invoicing & Accounting

SILQ’s effective invoicing and rates & charges software gives you a snapshot over your entire practice. Track billable hours, invoice instantly in batches & reduce the risk of errors with rate & invoice templates. Our accounting feature helps you record your financial transactions efficiently and perform complex accounting transactions, saving you time and money on bookkeeping services. Our time recording feature means effortless timekeeping for accurate legal billing.

Save Time. Make Money. Be More Efficient.

SILQ’s Practice Management Software gives you one electronic file for all your client and matter related information that can be accessed on any device at any time. SILQ gives you the intelligence to make key decisions; increase productivity; reduce costs and disputes; deliver a superior level of service; and add value to your products.

Streamlined Communication

The last thing that your clients and customers are going to want to hear is that you are unable to dig up all of the information you need to take care of their unique case and situation – all because your communication systems have failed.
SILQ’s Solicitor software helps you juggle all of the different communications coming in and going out of your practice. Not only will you have records for each and every one of these communications, but you are be able to more effectively manage, categorize, track and access each and every single one of them.

Build a Knowledge Base

All Solicitors understand that sometimes looking back at what has happened in the past – really tracing previous precedents that have already been established – can give you tremendous insights for future cases. SILQ’s Authorities feature allow you to communicate effectively across your practice, all while creating a built-in “knowledge base” that you can refer to time and time again.

Make your Practice Simply Faster with SILQ

Perfect for your Practice