Split Invoicing

SILQ supports multiple payers for an invoice, giving you the power to automatically create one invoice with split percentages.

Multiple billing recipients

SILQ gives you the opportunity to add multiple billing recipients within one matter. Not only can SILQ nominate multiple payers, it will also keep track of each separate payment within the matter and update the system accordingly. This is especially useful in areas of law such as mediation.

Split percentages

SILQ allows you to nominate what percentage each billing recipient is required to pay, meaning you have more flexibility than just a 50/50 split – you can choose 70/30 or whatever you require; SILQ gives you that power.

Save time

When an invoice is generated for a case that includes additional payers, the PDF and Word versions of the invoice will include names/addresses of these additional payers as well as their respective invoice amounts based on split percentages.

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