Do you find managing legal document citations to be a pain and tedious? Would you like to leverage past research effort? Our authorities tool allows you to do just that, saving you time and money.

Save time

Once you’ve entered the details for a new matter, you never have to do it again. Every letter, invoice, receipt or report you generate will be automatically populated with the same data you entered at the start of a matter.

Save even more time

In response to years of user feedback, we capture specific information for a variety of matter classes which dramatically reduces the time spent handling the matter later on. By selecting the matter class from a list, you will be prompted to complete custom fields for that particular class. Matter Classes include Advice; Litigation; Property Sale; Property Purchase; Strata; Immigration; Estate; Compensation; Compulsory Acquisition; Family Law; Leasing; Mortgage Finance; Motor Vehicle Accident and General for all other matters.

Improve collaboration

Eliminate the possibility of duplication by having one matter file. Each staff member can access the most current information and communication. All documents, emails, forms and scans are automatically saved in a single, secure and searchable location.


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