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Why Choose Silq?

What does SILQ do?

SILQ Solicitor is the complete hybrid practice management solution for small Australian law firms and individual solicitors. SILQ gives you all of the flexibility of a cloud solution with the power of a desktop solution.
At SILQ, we understand the pressures of starting a new practice. The last thing you need at this time is to commit to an expensive, long-term software contract. We don’t have any lock-in contracts. There are no hidden fees.
We have been in the legal software space for over 15 years, with fully certified trust accounting by NSW Law Society & a dedicated Australian support team.
We are here to provide you with the technology & flexibility to grow with your practice.

There are other software providers - why should I choose SILQ?

We focus most of our attention on our fantastic support team and full time developers located in Surry Hills, Sydney. We are constantly adding more features to help save you even more time and gain efficiency – our software is SIMPLY FASTER.

How will this software pay for itself?

Let’s assume you are a solo practitioner and charge $250/hour. We know that the software will save you hours of work per week, however if we assume it saves you 1 hour per month, you can make an additional $250 by working the extra hour. In one year that is an extra $3000 in billable hours alone. The cost of the software is onlly $1188 for the year. That is a profit of $1812 with just that one hour alone. We know SILQ will save you much more time than that.

Are there lock in contracts?

SILQ has no lock in contracts. There are no hidden fees. We charge $90 + GST per month, and you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time – although we are confident our software is perfect for your practice.

I'm in my first year of practice, are there any discounts?

SILQ offers Solicitors who are within their first year of practice a discounted rate of $45 + GST per month. This requires documentary proof that the firm is in its first year of practice. Eg Unrestricted practicing certificate, ASIC business registration, professional indemnity insurance receipt etc. The discount period only applies to first year of practice, which is why we suggest you sign up as soon as you can within your first year to get the most value from this offer. This is also only available for new customers only. For more information, see our pricing page.

How Does SILQ Work?

Can I get a demonstration of the software?

Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial of the software, which can be downloaded from here. In addition, our sales team can provide you with a guided demo to go through each key feature and address any specific questions you may have. To book in a suitable time for the demo, please visit this page and book online.

Is there a cloud option?

Yes, SILQ is a hybrid solution that gives you the flexibility of the cloud with the power of a desktop solution. Purely cloud based solutions cannot provide all of the features that a desktop solution can provide.

What SILQ does is to give you the option to sync with the cloud giving you access to all of your data at any time from anywhere, whilst also giving you a desktop (PC/Laptop/MAC) solution that gives you a plethora of extra features for when you are in the office. Basically, we let you have your cake and eat it too.

This option also means that even if there is no internet connection you can still work with all of your data, drastically reducing any possible downtime.

Where will my data be stored?

SILQ provides you the option of saving two copies of your data – in the cloud and locally on your harddrive, giving you complete access to your data at all times.
By doing this, you are then able to work both online and offline, meaning there is little to no downtime even if the internet is down.
To store your data in the cloud, we use the secure Amazon Web Server data centre physically located in Sydney.

How many staff can use SILQ?

The SILQ subscription is based on a per licence basis. This means that if you have purchased one licence, only one person willl have access to the database at any given time. If you would like more than one person to be able to use SILQ at a time, then you would need to purchase 2+ licences based on the number of users.

How many databases can our firm have?

All of your firms data is stored on the one database regardless of how many licences you have. If you would like an additional database then there will be an additional cost to have this.
If you would like to discuss in greater detail, please call or email sales as or 1300 55 66 89.

How secure is SILQ?

Security is one of our top priorities at SILQ. We use physical servers and bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure your data is secure. We also ensure your individual database is password protected.

What training options are available for customers?

With SILQ, our support team is available 5 days a week between 8.30am to 5pm, and training can be scheduled online free of charge to you. We want to ensure you get the most out of using SILQ, which is why we make ourselves available to you via phone, live chat, email and online resources outside office hours. This is all included in your subscription cost, so please don’t hesitate to call us – you will not be charged!

Do you have a mobile version?

Yes we do. Our cloud based version of SILQ can be used on any mobile device (IOS & Android).

What payment methods are available?

We accept any major credit card including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express*, as well as direct debit options from your nominated account.


Can I switch from another provider to SILQ?

Yes you can, and our dedicated sales & support teams will help you export your information from your old software and import it into our software making the transition as easy as possible.

Can I import data from my existing system?

You may be sticking with inferior practice management software because you feel it would be too difficult or expensive to migrate your matters, contacts & time and billing data to a new package.
At SILQ, we have been successfully migrating clients from a variety of other software providers for free from a variety. Below is a table of applications that SILQ is capable of migrating data from. Depending on the application, the amount of data that we can import can vary substantially due to various technical limitations. This is listed below under each source.

If there is some data that you require to be migrated but is not currently supported, please call as we may be able to extract further data with your help.

NOTE ABOUT TRUST DATA: Regardless of whether there is trust data available from the source product, SILQ will not import trust transactions under any circumstances due to the nature of trust obligations and the limitations of our certification.

Matters Contacts Work in Progress Invoices Receipts
LEAP Server 2003 yes yes yes yes yes
LEAP 2010 yes yes yes yes yes1
Perfect Balance yes yes no no no
Lexis Affinity yes yes no no no
PC Law yes yes yes yes no
Time Slips yes2 yes yes no no
Other3 yes yes yes yes no
1. Limit of one receipt per invoice.
2. A matter is created for each client.

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