Customer Data Location

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Where is customer data located?

When data is stored overseas, it becomes subject to data sovereignty. This means that wherever your data is being stored, it is subject to the laws of the country in which the data resides. These laws affect data protection and cyber security, as well as privacy regulations. This becomes a problem if the country where your data is stored has low privacy regulations as well as foreign countries being able to subpoena data. 

SILQ stores their data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres. The AWS data centres that SILQ uses are all located in Sydney and are regarded as the worlds most comprehensive cloud platform provider.

SILQ offers integration with OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive, all three of these integrations have physical servers located in Australia. This means that the three applications are under Australian law and security regulations, and are not subject of data sovereignty.


OneDrive have options to store your data in Australian servers.

For more information, see the link below.


Since 2019, DropBox have built servers located in Australia.

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Google Drive

In 2017, Google Cloud built a Sydney region server. The Sydney region has 3 zones, which protects against service disruptions.

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