Wills & Estates Law

Australia has an ageing population, so it makes sense that the practice area of Wills & Estates has dramatically increased recently. SILQ is your software partner that keeps up with demand and assisting you to focus on customer retention.

Safe Custody

Create ‘packets’ that are given a number and location record, saved to either the client or matter. Packets have a check-in/out facility. When any contents are moved or released, a receipt is produced for client signature, and the movement is recorded in the register.

Customer retention

SILQ document generation within safe custody records means that you can produce a letter to packet holders (clients) advising that, for example, their will is still in your safe custody; it has been 5 years since it was last updated and it is advised that it is reviewed – helping you to make more money.

Conflict Check

SILQ’s one of a kind conflict check feature helps you to assure compliance with your duties to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality. All matter information, persons connected with matters, and persons connected with the law firm may be searched by name, by solicitor assigned to the matter, by matter type, and by a range of dates.

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