Mediation Software

SILQ’s Practice Management for Mediation Software has an extensive list of features to assist you with your mediation clients. SILQ saves you time, offering split invoicing capability, automated document generation and time recording for accurate billing.

Multiple billing recipients

Not only can SILQ nominate multiple payers, it will also keep track of each separate payment within the matter and update the system accordingly. This is especially useful when invoicing for mediation.

Save time

Once you’ve entered the details for a new matter, you never have to do it again. Every letter, invoice, receipt or report you generate will be automatically populated with the same data you entered at the start of a matter.

Capture every minute

Launch the timer and your time spent on a matter will be automatically logged. Once launched, the timer records in the background, whether you’re reading emails, working on documents, or taking calls. With support for multiple fee-earners, you can assign different hourly rates.


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