SILQ knows that as a litigator, it’s your duty to build the strongest case possible. Hours of your day are spent managing clients, court dates and procedures. Juggling all of these moving pieces requires a practice management software that seamlessly takes care of running your firm and allows you to focus on winning cases.

Save time

Once you’ve entered the details for a new matter, you never have to do it again. Every letter, invoice, receipt or report you generate will be automatically populated with the same data you entered at the start of a matter.

Conflict Check

SILQ’s one of a kind conflict check feature helps you to assure compliance with your duties to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality. All matter information, persons connected with matters, and persons connected with the law firm may be searched by name, by solicitor assigned to the matter, by matter type, and by a range of dates.

Capture every minute

Launch the timer and your time spent on a matter will be automatically logged. Once launched, the timer records in the background, whether you’re reading emails, working on documents, or taking calls. With support for multiple fee-earners, you can assign different hourly rates.

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