Practice Management Software for Family Lawyers

SILQ’s practice management software has been designed with family lawyers in mind. We give you everything you need to complete a variety of family law matters via our family law specific matter classes. Including auto-populating Federal, Family & Children Court forms, time recording & conflict checks.

Family Law Matter Class

Our Family Law input screens combined with our client identification screens provide all fields necessary to capture the most applicable information to your matter such as Divorce, Children, Property & Financial Agreements. These fields are then use to generate pre-filled documents, meaning you only have to enter this information in once and you have the ability to generate dozens of documents and court forms automatically.

Conflict Check

SILQ’s one of a kind conflict check feature helps you to assure compliance with your duties to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality. All matter information, persons connected with matters, and persons connected with the law firm may be searched by name, by solicitor assigned to the matter, by matter type, and by a range of dates.

Everything you need to complete a Family Law Matter

  • Family Law specific matter screens
  • Your templates in SILQ pre-filled to allow you to generate documents quickly & accurately
  • Bill correctly by effortlessly record time spent on emails, documents, calls and meetings.
  • Pre-filled Court forms pre-filled with information entered into SILQ to reduce the chance of error
  • Customisable time recording codes (activities) to streamline billing
  • Securely access matter information and answer questions in the office, on the go, or in court—from any device using SILQ’s mobile app.

Pre-Filled Court Forms

SILQ has a catalogue of all of the court forms you need to execute a family law matter. To amplify efficiency, forms are pre-filled using the details you have recorded. Our forms include Financial Statements, Family Court forms, Children’s Court forms, Federal Circuit Court forms relevant to family law matters and service and execution of process forms. You can find a list here.



Yes, SILQ can be used on any device with an internet connection and browser or via our mobile app. This means you can securely access your matter information from anywhere, allowing you to help your clients on the fly.

Yes, you can pre-fill fixed fee rates (activities) for all matters in SILQ and apply them instead of billing hourly. This is useful if you are assisting clients through a single court appearance for example drafting a consent order.

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