Criminal Law

As a criminal defense lawyer, your time is precious. Focus on protecting your clients and winning cases—not administrative tasks. SILQ gives you tools like no other Practice Management Software does, so you can spend more time doing what you do best—defending your clients and being an outstanding criminal lawyer.


Do you find managing citations in legal documents a pain and tedious? Would you like to leverage past research effort? Our authorities tool allows you to do just that. It allows you to leverage past citation research by creating a master list that you can have on hand for each new matter. Save notes, link websites to reference as well as writing detailed notes for each one – saving you time on the next matter.


SILQ allows you to put each series of events in the exact order that they happened. Chronologies help ensure complete discovery. Which facts are disputed? Which still need sources that will be acceptable in court? A chronology is a communication aid. Our chronology tool makes it easy for everyone on the trial team to share case knowledge.

Conflict Check

SILQ’s one of a kind conflict check feature helps you to assure compliance with your duties to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality. All matter information, persons connected with matters, and persons connected with the law firm may be searched by name, by solicitor assigned to the matter, by matter type, and by a range of dates.

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